The TRSI Swaptro Project is a proof of concept, that oldschool techniques can be combined with current standards.

With this AMIGA Swaptro we created an interactive intro, which updates the content whenever a network/internet connection is being available.

The user is able to create messages, ASCII art or even small drawings which will be sent rigth into the database.

When you receive a copy of the Swaptro on a floppy disk and you don't have any internet connection, the message will get saved to the disc. Upon next start while having a network connected amiga, all the messages get synchronized. So with every start of your floppy, you'll receive the latest pieces of art.

This gives us many future opportunities like changing music (musicdisk?), adding articles (diskmag?) and many, many more.

We hope you enjoy our crazy litte contribution to Revision Online 2021.

Keep on swapping like in the good old days.
docd / Losso / mukmuk

Get your copy here: zip exe adf

A sneak peak to the latest posts:

08.10.21 19:47:08 hello from Andy has submitted a message

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20.07.21 22:11:35 <3 has drawn a gfx

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07.04.21 17:10:42 has drawn a gfx

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06.04.21 22:00:43 Yo TRSi crew from France!!! ............ has submitted a message